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Batik Kelantan :

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Indians in Malaysia traditionally involved
in textile market.In the same way in Kota Bharu
(State of Kelantan) the late Mr. R.Raman Nair
ventured into textiles business in 1948 dealing
piece goods. As the time goes, He diverted the
business in 1965 to Kelantan Batik Sarongs.
Which he has realised it was the right direction
and far sighted move.

The sudden demise of Mr. P.Raman Nair in 1970,
His son Mr.Chandra Sekaran who was at that time
pursuing law degree forced him to take over the
business. He find the Batik Kelantan business was
very lucrative one, Thus started to find ways
into injecting new technology and marketing
strategy.He spread his wings to East Malaysia.

In 1990'S Mr. Chandra the first Indian
Businessman was taken as member of Govt. Trade
delegation to China. It helped him to acquire
knowledge and got China materials suitable for
Batiks. We import white cloth from China, India
and Pakistan. With this,we produce Batik in
our own factory.

We also import textile chemicals from countries
like German and India.Under the logo"PRN
BATIK",We produce quality Batik Sarongs under
the trade marks Cap Olympic,Cap Nenas,
CapBukit, Cap Ikan Mas, Cap Sri padi, Cap
Tiga Bintang, Cap Matahari and Cap Buluh
Perundu which are very popular among
Malaysia and even visitors from Tamil Nadu
who insist on Cap Olympic brand etc.

At the moment we produce Batik Caftan,Batik
Scarfs and Batik Pasang made from China white
materials which is marketed throughout Malaysia.

Our success in making Batik mainly because we
use the right ingredients and above all Thats
why we stay on top all the time in batik printing.

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